Bonita Beach Road Updates

Proposed Development and Recently Approved to Almost Approved
Developments East of I-75

Horizon Park
Medical Facility All parcels except one have Development Orders in process in the Community Development Department. A two-story medical office building approximately 50,000 sq. ft. size is to be built primarily facing the northbound I-75 exit ramp and Bonita Beach Road. It will have doctor’s offices, rehab facilitates and rumored to include an outpatient oncology facility. This facility will be owned and operated by a very large Healthcare System. The developer has stated they plan to start construction as soon as necessary permits are issued. Assisted Living Facility – Since there will be two separate Hotels built in Horizon Park there will be no Assisted Living Facility.

AVID & Staybridge Hotel 

This will be a four-story hotel part of the AVID chain 68 rooms and a Staybridge Hotel with 82 rooms. Between the two Hotels there are 150 rooms. They are four stories in height. There is no restaurants or cocktail lounge just a continental breakfast available typical of moderate room priced interstate hotels. They will be visible primarily from northbound I-75 exit ramp and Hunters Ridge Blvd. See the Artist rendering of the AVID Hotel designed for the Horizon Park site. Estimated start date will be late this year to mid-2020.


 Vacant Parcel Bonita Beach Rd. and Hunters Ridge Blvd. 

This remaining parcel is entitled by zoning to permit construction of a restaurant, tire shop, mechanical repair shop, convenience store or a service station. The developer is trying to market as an Interstate related restaurant such as Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday or Applebee’s, but no guarantee. Estimated start date will be determined by when a contract is issued for the land parcel.


Landscaping, Preserve Areas and Sidewalks 

Existing heritage trees will be used that remain around the perimeters of each land parcel supplemented with additional landscaping trees and shrubs conforming to the landscape standards within the City’s Land Development Regulations. Immediately south of the Hotel site there is a 1.32-acre wooded preserve parcel which provides an additional set back from Hunters Ridge north property line along golf hole #3. In addition, there is another strip of land composed of a 60 ft. right of way of Hunters Ridge Court and a narrow undevelopable strip of land between the south edge of Hunters Ridge Court and the north property line of Hunters Ridge golf hole #3. A 5 ft. wide side walk will be constructed by the developer from Hunters Ridge front gate to the new wider sidewalk along Bonita Beach Road. Hunters Ridge intends to construct some additional walkways to compliment this system of walks being built for the development.


McGarvey’s Portion of Development 

Shaw Plans Building up to 150,000 sq. ft. – Shaw Manufacturing has already moved into an existing McGarvey Building (the first building constructed of approx. 42,000 sq. ft.). There is a development order already approved to add approx. 30,000 sq. ft. to this facility. Another development order is in progress to allow McGarvey to construct for Shaw another up to 159,000 sq. ft, building. Shaw will then relocate to Bernwood. Shaw is a major manufacturer of fuel/carburetor systems for jet airliners (All Air Buses equipped with Shaw’s system), and all major engine, manufactures are purchasing Shaw’s fuel system for their engines like G.E., Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce. Shaw is open 24/7, but creates little or no noise, dust smells or light pollution or pollution. Start date probably early to mid-2020.

Proposed Commercial Two-Story Development 

This facility will be constructed at the corner of Bonita Beach Road and Hunters Ridge Blvd. at SE corner. The building is proposed to have offices on the 2nd floor and offices on ground floor that face to the south. The north side of the building on the ground floor is planned to have possibly two restaurants and other smaller shops. Start date is to be determined.

Closing of Hunters Ridge Median Cut Thru on Bonita Beach Road and New Traffic Light

Imminent Closing Hunters Ridge Blvd. Median Cut Through 

Lee County and FDOT have planned as soon as traffic count goes up from opening of any of the previously discussed Horizon Park facilities the median cut opposite Hunters Ridge Blvd. will be closed permanently due to the very short separation distance to the on and off ramps of I-75. Estimated time for cut through closing 12-18 months.
New Traffic Signal – As soon as or just before closing of median opening at Hunters Ridge Blvd., a new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Bonita Beach Road and Trade Way Two Drive within the Bernwood (South Links) development.

Major Developer Building 72 Acre Mixed Use Shopping Center with Apartments

Proposed 72 Acre Commercial Mixed-Use Development NW Corner Bonita Beach Rd. and Bonita Grande – The Commercial portion of the development will front on Bonita Beach Road and Bonita Grande Road. The developer is proposing to build an upscale shopping center featuring a four or five-star hotel with a restaurant/cocktail lounge. Several other restaurants are planned to be in the shopping center plus other type of stores. Behind the commercial development there will be some very nice apartments or condos, nearest to the river. Minimally there will be approximately 20 acres of this site dedicated to being kept as wetlands and or retention ponds immediately adjacent to the river. Existing drainage swales may be rerouted but must be kept usable since a significant amount of offsite drainage uses these flow ways. Start date is to be yet determined, but developer actively working with City staff to move forward.

Bonita 75

Planned Development 

back in the 2007-8 time frame the acreage adjacent to I-75 extending from Bonita Beach Road to the Imperial River approximately 25 acres was rezoned to Commercial Planned Development. What was approved and is still valid for this site is a number of approved uses for the front portion including Hotel/Motel/ restaurants, fast food, restaurant and cocktail lounges, offices, retail shops. The northern portion is approved for apartments, condos, self-storage facilities. Obviously mixed use permits apartments and or apartments above the commercial businesses on the ground floor. The developer is known for building and planning first class developments in Naples and north Collier County. Currently finishing out development of a condo tower with restaurants, waterside cocktail and grill room and recreational facilities. Estimated time before construction works starts 18 to 24 months. Their medium cut through is our Hunters Ridge Blvd. cut through so they will be using new traffic signal too.

East of Logan Blvd.

Logan Blvd. Landscape and Street Lights – Kimley Horn Landscape Consultant designed a beautiful and inspiring landscape plan for Logan Blvd. and the roundabout was presented to and approved by City Council at the September 4th City Council meeting. Bids should be received by the end of October 2019 for contract award. Logan Blvd. is rapidly being finished primarily the north side of the Bonita Beach roundabout still must be completed. Opening of the Logan Blvd. is planned for before end of 2019 or early 2020. Likely before the end of 2019. The City is committed to landscaping the right of way plus Village Walk gets additional landscaping along its privacy wall facing onto Logan Blvd. because it transferred to the City $194,000 in funds provided by their developer reserved to do this landscaping. Street Lights will be designed and installed after the road opens so as to make the lighting plan efficiently minimize glare while providing necessary light for vehicles, cyclists and walkers because it comes with a 7 ft. wide sidewalk connecting all the way to Immokalee Road to Bonita Beach Roads existing east to west sidewalk system.

Bonita National Turnover to Residents/Members end of March 2020

Congratulations on the impending turnover to Bonita National HOA and CDD. Full build-out is estimated to be a year later with Bonita national having 1,489 home sites.

Power Point Update Presentations 

I have a large Power point presentation containing slides on almost every moderate to major residential and commercial developments and other issues going on including some Lee County issues affecting our City available to be shown to any Community or Group which can get a few dozen to a large group of interested citizens available, which I update before each presentation. You can contact me at 614-974-3606 to schedule a presentation or update on what’s happening in Bonita Springs.
I will be e-blasting some information on the Citywide Storm Water Management Utility which should give you a lot of useful background information and clarify and answer some of your questions. This pertains to the recent letter you received from the City giving you notice of a potential 50$ per home charge for stormwater runoff and other issues.

This Message was provided by:

Bonita Springs City Councilman Fred Forbes, Dist. 6